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Established in 1988, L&M Boiler Systems Inc. is a locally owned and operated business

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Fast Boiler Repairs

If your boiler system is not providing the power that you need, it's time to call L & M Boiler Systems Inc. We offer a full array of boiler repair services.

  • ASME Certified Welding

  • NBIC "R" Stamp Holder

  • ASME "PP" Stamp Holder

  • ASME "H" Stamp Holder


  • Refractory repairs

  • Fire brick and insulation

  • Inspections

  • Installation of new or repair of old systems

  • Retubing of fire tube and water tube boilers

  • Mudleg and staybolt replacement

  • Welded Boiler Repairs

  • Replacement of tube sheets and manway assemblies

Complete boiler repair

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